Exploit Genuine, cost-effective and customized
Virtual Number anywhere in India.

Virtual Number is one of the services of our IVR Connect. Virtual Number is a regular telephone number, exploited for call-forwarding.

It will creates an ability to stay connected with customers and business associates round the clock.

IVR Connect is a best Virtual number provider in India. Virtual Number format to be Land-line, Mobile or Toll-free number like any other Virtual Number can provides.

Benefits& Features

Configure a personalized IVR message and prompts
Use pre-recorded IVR messages
Multiple ChannelIVR
Multiple Level IVR
Collect information about your callers
Prioritize calls based on value
Route the caller to the right agent or department
Thrive with high call volumes
Easy setup and access
IVR system call flow has multiple prompts & paths, unlimited questions and menu levels

Auto Voice Response Service
Virtual phone system does not requires to buy or set up IVR service Communicate through your business line anywhere in the world. It is a Automatic phone system. it makes answers ,routes and manages your clients calls with professional sound quality. Virtual phone number service are very much helpful in Small businesses to easily ,quickly and accessible set up Virtual phone number without any expensive hardware .

We can access both toll free number service. local number service & you can access multiple number on single occur. Virtual phone number is a telecommunication tools that leads to create phone number outside of the geographical location.

Virtual number can be used for any business or mobile phone and can be be allowd from VOIP Compact devices. By using Virtual number service our business service impress international clients. Virtual phone number are low cost ,easy , usability, Best voice quality , reliable to communicate with it. Virtual phone number service comes with IVR service.

Our Cloud IVR service helps to improve your phone system manageability answer call data tracking system and storages system. IVR connect is a call forwarding service provides company with advance technology solution in Chennai. We enable services to receive calls any where in the India (world) our service is a reliability.

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Why Choose IVR Connect ?

Superior Quality

Supreme voice quality and professionalized voice services for business

Scale at Ease

We take care of your business growth understand and fulfill your customer requirement IVR service provided

Easy to implement

Sign up with us and get start our IVR services with few minutes and merge our API frequently

Supreme Reliability

Our concern maintains reliability of IVR services to customer at a level above 99.99%

Best Support

IVR connect provides 24 * 7 custumer support via phone, email, SMS and Twitter