Exploit Genuine, cost-effective and customized
Click to Call Services anywhere in India.

Engage users via IVR Connect Click-to-Call and drive more conversions.By using Click-to-Call services enable on-demand real-time voice assistance for online web visitors at the click of a button. Provide personalised voice-based assistance to your customer’s right when they need it.

IVR Connect Click-to-Call you can:

Boost your sales and grow transaction values.
Easily integrate Click-to-Call feature to your existing website and mobile apps.
Get secure and real-time access to usage reports on dashboards
Leverage voice connectivity to communicate with customers wherever they are across the country.


CRM Integration
Analytics & Reporting

IVR Connect - IVR Click-to-Call service connect calls faster , reliable and to easier with no chance for missed dial by click to dial service .reduce our calls handling times and increase and enhance the best Customer experience .click to call service providing company in Chennai with Call logging we consistently consider capture calls and decrease cal l wrap - up time. Click to call service reach out your customers as soon as they drop in their number to connect with you instantly.

Call on click service is a dynamic design tool to simplifiers instant calling service with cloud based telephony solution. Our service put an widget on your website that make sure you are connected with them instantly by click. Instant call between you and customer at click a button as client drop his number.

High lead generation
Secure service
Call tracking easier
Increase sales conversions.

Instant response service
Speedy Communication process.
Easy implementation

Call logging service
Call filter service
Cloud HTTP API service.

Click to call service is a real time solution with real time results. Superior Customer service of Click to call makes platform between your website visitors are you Support agent. enhance your online sale service with Click to call solution to change you website visitors into direct voice call communication and increase your lead generation.Click to call offers free-of-call back services.

Click to call service is also web based communication when person click button ,image text, hyperlink to Request to connect immediately with instant response for their enquires in real-time phone call service. Request a call service is an automatic telephony service when visitor lookup your website to ask for a click to call back from your company to establish their business with you. they need to talk direct by with the one of your support agent to clarify their queries.

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Why Choose IVR Connect ?

Superior Quality

Supreme voice quality and professionalized voice services for business

Scale at Ease

We take care of your business growth understand and fulfill your customer requirement IVR service provided

Easy to implement

Sign up with us and get start our IVR services with few minutes and merge our API frequently

Supreme Reliability

Our concern maintains reliability of IVR services to customer at a level above 99.99%

Best Support

IVR connect provides 24 * 7 custumer support via phone, email, SMS and Twitter