IVR Connect

IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone.

Always Be Alive

With an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, you can set up surveys, polls, appointment reminders, payments, and more for inbound or outbound uses.

Cloud IVR

Cloud IVR solutions offer critical insight and control to call centre managers, who are responsible for maintaining high agent performance levels.

Advantages Of Digital IVR

In Digital IVR ( Using Digital CTI board and PRI/ISDN lines), caller id detection is fast, accurate and IVR can pick calls instantly. Increases user satisfaction.

Host IVR Service

IVR hosting service to be world fast when callers queries about product that callers telephone number name and information need to transmitted with a second to appropriated sales person..

IVR Virtual Receptionist

Automatic call response service with superior voice call quality service .when customer call for queries it will clarified by the virtual receptionist service.

IVR call service:

IVR telecommunication service provides automated Call, SMS, Email service to long distance user to verify and record that should be agree with long distance receiver.

IVR Toll free number service

Toll free number service to get business call and to increase business leads .because when customer or clients require to contact you with free-of –call over Toll free number in that scenario we have get more lead generation for business using toll free number service.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service group service are major to used get business call from the customer we offers bulk SMS, SMS marketing service , SMS campaign service .to enhance your business process you go with text message service because 99% people read SMS within first 5 minutes.

Missed Call Service:

Missed call service provider IVR connect is a leading company offers miss call alert system ,customer verification, clients conformation, voting missed call service .these business process we needs missed call service for verification ,conformation, alerts , voting, rating for particular products.

Click to Call service

Click to cal solution is service our web based communication click a button, image or hyperlink make instant call from web visitor to web admin company representative for their enquiries.

Virtual Number Service

Virtual phone service offers to forwarding incoming call to your personal phone number ,business number and internet support device. IVR virtual number service very use for small business to get customer.

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Why Choose IVR Connect ?

Superior Quality

Supreme voice quality and professionalized voice services for business

Scale at Ease

We take care of your business growth understand and fulfill your customer requirement IVR service provided

Easy to implement

Sign up with us and get start our IVR services with few minutes and merge our API frequently

Supreme Reliability

Our concern maintains reliability of IVR services to customer at a level above 99.99%

Best Support

IVR connect provides 24 * 7 custumer support via phone, email, SMS and Twitter