Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Voice broadcasting facilities allow businesses to strengthen their position in their target market. Bulk voice calls in India enables us to communicate with our customers by calling their mobile or landline numbers anywhere in India with .


Missed Call Alert is a Lead Generation Service powered by Missed Call Provider to their Clients across India. This is a Very Useful Service in today’s IT and Digital marketing Innovations World. In this we provide a Toll Free/ Normal Number which when dialed, a caller number is registered and if required by our client an Auto Reply SMS is send to the caller number.


SMSCON Established in 2010 with the Vision of Increase Maximum Productivity in the Bulk SMS Industries & Mission to get 100% Positive response from client side "It is Our Philosophy". As we are getting more and more positive response and support of our Clients , we have developed our new "Bulk SMS Product" that is Smart-SMS Aggregator Application.


With IVR Connect toll free services, discover a powerful way to connect with your Client. With domestic toll free services, you can expand your business around the Domestic level as it acts as marketing tool. This allows you to respond to your customer's need effectively and manage their calls efficiently.Thus it improves your brand image.


Mass mailing is the most effective advertising form on the Internet. Find out who is opening your newsletters and clicking on the links in your email messages. deliverability expertise with any list size and all the tools you need to create a powerful, intergrated campaign.


CL Tech Solutions develops long-term IT strategies to support overall business goals for our automotive clients, including manufacturers and suppliers. With our deep understanding of the automotive domain, we are uniquely positioned to increase your company's operational efficiency, profitability, market presence, and to build lasting customer relationships.

IVR Service In Chennai:
IVR service answers all of your incoming calls and allow to redirect or route your callers to their required Deperment customer support teams. That leads to create unlimited voice means ,save time, increase your standard of business service and enhance satisfaction of customers.

Our customized IVR recording service for welcome greetings can provide a professionalized experience to your customers when they call on your business number. Our IVR service makes prioritizing your calls based on callers values and standard .when there is a large number of calls means IVR routing then to specialist who is most qualified then to address of the callers .thus leads your team does not loss any customers because calling waiting issue. Customized IVR offers to makes your brand service and create a brand among your callers .Customized IVR helps callers have a professionalized experience with us.

Toll free number Service In Chennai:
IVR connect is a IVR service Provider offers Toll free number service.because of 98% of the public will call a free phone number first thus we need to get more leads and new business offers we go with Toll free number.

Toll free number service increase our business enquires by 99.9% in Chennai. We are leading Toll free number service provider in india .we prefers toll free number for your business , we also offers the prefect way to handle them how to control and manage your calls.Our toll free number customizing the call routing of incoming business call and configuates your office working ,home we assiet them to save there all charges made easier and instantly.

Virtual Phone Number Service In Chennai:
Virtual phone Number service helps to do business anywhere in india. IVR Virtual number offers to manage your calls using online portal service .we set up 24/7 call management system for virtual telephone number service .when you have busy schedule means no problem our virtual number service will never miss a business opportunity.they makes customer holds when you have connect them.

IVR connect is the top leading virtual phone number service provider in Chennai india .we offers various business marketing options to manage your phone calls and makes your company to create branding and professionalized image among the customer by using IVR cloud virtual number service. Our virtual number virtual phone number providing very superior service that helps to maintain control and monitor your all calls.

Bulk SMS Service In Chennai:
Bulk SMS Service is a faster more efficient way to communicate with the customer for their business purposes. Text message service boost your Opprtunities for business 99% because making customer reads text message within the first five minutes Group SMS service leads to Quickly Communication with questions instantly and also we can even use SMS marketing to reach your existing and new customers to create new leads generation for your business.

Online Bulk SMS Service for business makes your customers know about your sales and upcoming events ,alerts ,information and may more it leads your customer stay in touch. Bulk sms service solution is best approach of customer to establish a business . because 95% of text message are read and response within first hours of receiving then .and more people have access to a phone with text messaging than they do internet.

Voice Call Service In Chennai:
Voice call Service including Voice connectivity service .we offers to set up manage your voice call service as well as monitor and manage current acitivities we provides you voice call service report and analyse of call history, performance tracking.

Using voice call Service increase customer satisfaction and develops your brand loyality .Online voice call service solution offers never miss a customer calls and quires with intelligent IVR Voice call handling. To improve your brand image with memoriable service to your customer satisfaction. reduce business costs by improving voice call centre efficiency .generate more business leads with superior voice call service.

Missed Call Service In Chennai:
Our Missed call service used for verification, Polling, Confirmation ,Rating ,voting and call Back services .missed call service enable you to receive real time notification service when get a one miss call. Our missed call service is very useful in many sectors, support ,service and sales for businesses ,verification of mobile numbers ,generating leads build database also possible with help of missed call services.

Missed call services helps to the people call to the assign virtual number of the company within first routing calls is disconnected .but the number of the callers gets and stores in company is updated with information. Our missed call solution offers for sending at updates ,alerts messages, products information ,best offers, notification and other message services when we gave one miss call

Click To Call Service In Chennai:
Click to call service is a online based service when a person get to connected to an executive via single click on a button image and hyperlink. It establish immediate call connection to call ,VOIP or text to support executive from customer.

The best service in the click call is to your customer should make call you for free of cost service thus increase the chances of getting more business. The major advantage of click to call service is easy to operate service and makes instant connect a call from customer to service provider to clarify their queries. Click to call service that connect your web visitors to make communicate with you by click a button, image ,link to make queries about business or organization with free of cost call service.

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