Exploit Genuine, cost-effective and customized
IVR services anywhere in India.

IVR Connectallows you to create, deploy and manage IVR services. We handle over 1 billion calls and 12 billion voice-based content deliveries every year from aunified extremely reliable platform. Connect to customers smoothly to create great experiences.

Hosted IVR helps you build long-lasting relationships with your customers, through a completely hosted, cost-effective and technologically robust solution.

Benefits& Features

Configure a personalized IVR message and prompts
Use pre-recorded IVR messages
Multiple ChannelIVR
Multiple Level IVR
Collect information about your callers
Prioritize calls based on value
Route the caller to the right agent or department
Thrive with high call volumes
Easy setup and access
IVR system call flow has multiple prompts & paths, unlimited questions and menu levels

Boost your business services with an IVR services from IVR Connect Chennai. IVR service increases efficiente Communication to make business. Interactive voice response gives callers an immediate reaction to their calls allowing the to learn more information about your services their call to the connect location with the of an IVR service from IVR connect Chennai.

IVR Call Forwarding Service:
IVR system makes organize your calls services that helps to send callers to the fine source over call forwarding service from IVR connect solution Chennai. We offers to sends calls services to landline telephones and also call forwarding services to VOIP phones and mobile IVR Services in Chennai.

Better IVR Service Connection With IVR Connect Chennai
When start our IVR services we Provides many helpful call routing(accessing) feature to improve your communication with world class level connection. IVR service increase business response after your office choose (or) over IVR services optimize services to customers to choose their require self service. IVR systems make use the customize to Quickly self resolving basic issues like account Enquires ,billing info, personal info etc.

Integrated IVR service
Automatic speech recognition.
Text To Speech in various languages
Auto call back service

Multiple contact centers can use easier.
No needs of updates
No needs of IT Teams
Customer data can access easier.

IVR software provides services to inter acts with human over voice commands and key input system. IVR systems give customers a self-service option to complete phases instead of holding for an agent.

IVR Service For Business:
In business concern IVR helps to automate service for the multi-customers to response their queries ans question and overcomes unwanted time delay for responsing and busy signal during high traffic times. IVR systems mainly used to cost reduction service and save time . IVR Service play virtual role in instance responses to the Multi-user (customer) at a same time .this increases the customer Satifications.

IVR services to integrated with automating telephoney service that help to increase sales and reduce customer dis satisfication. then it leads customer support at any time if office work or not. Another major usage of IVR service to helps customer's personal information securecy. make confidiential can be safeguard from human errors.

IVR Service For Transportation:
IVR system has provides entire quality services in all small to big in industries. IVR services is a ideal system for communication and customer support. if transportation service is in large customer base. On airport IVR services and transportation IVR , thousand of calls come in an customers for different queries.

Taxi also gets thousand of customer support calls. For there Sloution we need lot of support executive instead with used IVR automatic response service efficiently . with out loss of customers. IVR handle all the calls with automated and organize all these calls directly from customers to profile representative.

IVR service help customers to know on and off time of that flights. It helps transportation run on time and status of transportation and enquires of train ticket booking. In car and taxi service to known pick up timing info. to find rates and pick up location In public transportation ,auto traveler can be call for routes, schedules and clock an traffic and weather condition on the IVR call service. IVR to inform the customers if any in schedule or timing in their transportation

IVR Service For Banking:
Banks are always handle lot of customers everyday. Assume a day when bank is over with 10,000 calls. there is non possibility be support executive all calls . some times these issue affect banking performance here our IVR service has helped banks to provide information their bulk of customers at easier with the help of IVR.

IVR service provides several option related to banking service where customer can select and get required info. customer can also record their complains because IVR services holds voice recording option. IVR services helps banking services to hold customers reponsing services around the clock or any odd hours.

Inbound & outbound call centers are large and team of people and the should over with IVR services are used to handle incoming call via toll free number which helps customers to select the type of call to be able. what service they required. when call arrival identifiers the customer required information and get info than delivery to the customer.

Payment IVR service
Banking IVR
Speech recognition
Navigation IVR
Medical IVR
IVR voice capture

Survey IVR (call center IVR)
IVR Payment
IVR DataBase
Hosted IVR
Web based IVR

Increase customer satisfaction & develop brands.
Never ever miss any customers call with call handling.
Reduce business costing by improve call center efficiency.
Improve your business flow.
Generate best business flow.

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  • 1 Month

  • 1000 Pulses

  • 1 to 9 Extension

  • 3 Channels

  • Sticky Agent*

  • Call Recording

  • Webhook/API

  • 6 Month

  • 4500 Pulses

  • 1 to 9 Extension

  • 5 Channels

  • Sticky Agent*

  • Call Recording

  • Webhook/API

  • 1 Year

  • 6500 Pulses

  • 1 to 9 Extension

  • 3 Channels

  • Sticky Agent*

  • Call Recording

  • Webhook/API

Advanced Business (Limited Offer)
  • 1 Year

  • Unlimited Calls

  • 1 to 9 Extension

  • 3 Channels

  • Sticky Agent*

  • Call Recording

  • Webhook/API


Why Choose IVR Connect ?

Superior Quality

Supreme voice quality and professionalized voice services for business

Scale at Ease

We take care of your business growth understand and fulfill your customer requirement IVR service provided

Easy to implement

Sign up with us and get start our IVR services with few minutes and merge our API frequently

Supreme Reliability

Our concern maintains reliability of IVR services to customer at a level above 99.99%

Best Support

IVR connect provides 24 * 7 custumer support via phone, email, SMS and Twitter